From 6 till 9 june 2014, lounge “Vivre Côté Sud” in Aix en Provence

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Thomas Gentilini participates again in the Lounge ” Vivre Côté Sud ” in June.
For this new atmosphere “Webs and Veils” Thomas Gentilini imagined a Labyrinth of textile …

“Ciné Guinguette”, 2014 Cannes International Film Festival

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Thomas Gentilini Studio set up the “Grand Hotel” beach for “Ciné Guinguette” Official partner of the 2014 Cannes International film festival.
For this trendy place where producers, directors actors, artists and cinema professionals meet, Thomas Gentilini has imagined a universe based on the Gypsy” theme.

Plant wall Marseille

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June 2012, creating a green wall 6 m high at Marseille .
Autonomous system watering and distribution of fertilizer rates.
Plantations in stores: Fern, Meulembekia, Helixine …

Southside Lounge Living in Aix en Provence 2012

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Planning for the show Stand “Living South Side” in Aix en Provence, where the research department “Parks and Gardens Mediterranean” Thomas Gentilini has been present for 5 years.


Photographer “Magikaba Photography – Joanne Guillot” –