Whether large or small a garden has still something to reveal,an atmosphere to create, harmony to spread. “It’s a rewarding challenge, that’s why I love my job.”

Thomas Gentilini is landscape architect with an irrevocable passion and commitment for his job .

He is designing exteriors and gardens with creativity and a perfect knowledge of the mediteranean flora.
He is working with full respect for the sites and the ecosystem.

Concerned with sustainable development he uses his know-how to offer environmental friendly solutions.

A commitment to enlight the natural balance of the sites. His instinctive talent to perceive space allows him to constantly renew his creations. Surrounded by a talented team. Diversified human resources which creates and develop every aspect of the projects.
My activity targets both individuals and private or public businesses.

“But whoever my partner is, I am still processing the same way.
I am going on site, photo report, measurements, but the main point is the meeting with the owners. All my work is based on listening my client, it allows me to catch the philosophy of the site.”

This is when I start to work on the first proposals ( sketches, plans, mood boards) which ,then, are submitted to the clients as the base of the project.

Once this part is over , when the project has been accepted, we start building the technical folder. It includes all the building plans, estimates, measurements and specifications in order to support work to the achievement of the project.

Finally, I’m also in charge of the procurement of building permits and any action at administrative level concerning the project. I collect all the estimates from the different companies which are part of the project, and I coordinate the work until the project handover.